Small Business and Home Office Services

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Network and Server Installation
From small home networks to business networks with 50 or more workstations and email, database, VPN, and print servers (just to name a few) Allegitech can assist you, or your business, with the planning, installation, and maintenance of your computer network.
Computer Maintenance and Repair
Computers are central to an effective and efficient business. We rely on them a great deal in our personal lives as well. Allegitech can develop and implement a maintenance plan that will keep your systems operating smoothly. From time-to-time you might have a computer that is not functioning properly, Allegitech has CompTIA A+ certified technicians that can analyze your system's hardware and software.
Printer Maintenance and Repair
If you prefer to ignore your printer's blinking lights, or display messages, that's alright, because an Allegitech technician can determine what your printer needs. At the first sign of a problem that you cannot resolve (the printer is not out of toner), give us a call.
Systems and Data Security
Your personal files and business records are essential and worth protecting. There is a reason IT professionals call the Internet the "Wild". Hackers and Attackers are continuously developing methods of exploiting the vulnerabilities that are pervasive in your network and computer systems. From data backups to scanning your network for vulnerabilities Allegitech can keep your systems and data safe. Or, if you need to dispose of equipment with sensitive information on it that you do not want criminals to be able to recover, Allegitech can assist you with safely wiping your harddrives and disposing of your old equipment.
Structured Cabling Systems
From copper to fiber optic cable, Allegitech's certified premises cabling and fiber optic technicians will drop and terminate your data and voice connections. Whether you require a single data or voice connection, or an entire floor or building cabled, Allegitech has the expertise.
Document Management Systems Consulting and Installation
From hardware based to cloud based, Allegitech can assist you with choosing the right document management system for your office. Whether you decide on a hardware based system, or on a cloud based system, Allegitech can assist from installation to training.
IT Asset Management
From installation to disposal, Allegitech can track your IT assets, or design an IT assets database for you.
Data and Systems Migration
Are you a home office user about to purchase a new computer, or a small business about to replace many of your old systems, but are concerned with how to move your software and data? Whether it's one computer, or many computers, Allegitech has the expertise to determine if your software will run on your new system, and how to move your data painlessly.
IT and Telecommunications Consulting
Allegitech wants to be there for you for as long as you need us, and for all your IT and Telecom needs. Allegitech will ensure that you get the best ROI by helping you determine what systems meet your needs. We will do your due diligence for you through thorough and concise research. If your project is large enough, Allegitech will provide you with a comprehensive project plan, and be your project manager if need be. Please call on us, regardless of the scope of your project!
Website Design and Hosting
At this time, Allegitech does not offer Website hosting, but does offer consulting on the hosting of your Website. Allegitech also offers ASP.NET website design and development services.
Home and Office Automation/Entertainment/Security
Are you asking yourself, what is home automation? It can be something as simple as having an outside light come on when a visitor walks up to your front door, or something as complex as a whole house lighting system based on scenes. With home automation, you can connect to your home over the Internet to control lighting, temperature, and security. The uses of home automation are as endless as the imagination! Allegitech can, also, install your HD television and surround sound system in your family room, or build a complete home theatre in your basement. Are you interested in protecting your property? Whether you are interested in an over-the-top security system, or a modest secrity system, Allegitech can install a system that meets your needs. We'll make sure you know how to use your system too!
Remote Support
If you have an Internet connection, an Allegitech technician can remotely connect to your computer to efficiently resolve your issue. You authorize and initiate the connection by going to a URL provided to you by the Allegitech technician. No software is needed, other than a Web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer), and once the service is completed and you, or the technician, terminates the connection, Allegitech cannot connect to your computer - unless you initiate and authorize a connection.